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ApexMed Transcription Services provides professional, accurate medical legal reports for specialists, physiotherapy/rehabilitation clinics, and other healthcare providers whose practice is dedicated to providing medical legal docments. We have years of experience transcribing these highly sensitive reports and ensure accuracy and continuity of patient care.



We provide a convenient call-in dictation system. Simply call into our sercure dictation system using your unique user ID, dictate, and your report can be accessed on our web-based server within your preferred turnaround time. Dictation can be done using any phone in any location and reports can be downloaded from the secure web-based platform from any computer. For iPhone users, we provide a convenient iPhone App providing easy dictation and upload to our client server. We also accommodate uploading voice files from hand-held dictation devices and tapes.

At ApexMed Transcription Services we follow stringent quality assurance processes. We apply industry-standard guidelines to ensure professionalism, accuracy, and continuity of patient care. All work goes through an internal QA process designed to deliver documents with 99% accuracy. Additionally, uploaded documents can be reviewed electronically before printing, faxing, or saving to the your internal system.

We provide a range of TATs from a 72-hour TAT to a 4-hour 'red-eye' service. Our turnaround times are guaranteed - if not, you are not charged. Providing a reliable transcription solution is our main goal and we keep our promise.

We use a sophisticated data transfer system to protect patient confidentiality. Our delivery system ensures secure transfer of encrypted data. We also provide our clients with safe document exchange via a client FTP site. Our systems and processes are HIPAA compliant and meet the Canadian Health Privacy Act guidelines.


For more information on pricing and turnaround times offered, take a look at our rates page or give us a call or email us for more information.


“..we provide a unique service to specialists and other healthcare providers involved in the medical legal industry.”